Installing Family Historian V.3 with Wine

After many months of not being able to use the new version of Family Historian on Linux with Wine, it seems that with v.0.9.25 of Wine things finally work. The problem is primarily with installing FH. The version I’m using is an upgrade to v2 and it requires a license key to be entered when the upgraded application is run for the first time. Earlier versions of Wine (up to v.0.9.21 at least) crash and don’t allow FH to get far enough to enter the licence key. With 0.9.25 things do work as long as you override a pair of dlls (mshtml.dll and shdocvw.dll) with native versions for the installation. When the time comes to enter the licence you see a blank window. Just dismiss this and another window will appear where the key can be entered. From thereon everything seems to work OK.

Here’s how to do it.

  1. Grab and install a recent copy of wine. Version 0.9.25 works.
  2. Install FH from your version 2 disk.
  3. Get copies of mshtml.dll and shdocvw.dll and install them into $HOME/.wine/drive_c/windows/system32.
  4. Run winecfg and on the “libraries” tab override the settings for the two dlls so that wine uses the native ones instead of the builtins.
  5. Install the FH upgrade from your version 3 disk.
  6. Run FH version 3.
  7. FH will bring up a blank window. Dismiss the window, then put in your licence details in the window that appears next.
  8. FH version 3 should now appear in all it’s glory!

Just for the record, I’m using Debian GNU/Linux (etch) and once installed, FH seems to work perfectly.

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